The Establishment of technical department was a well thought approach. LUN's activity involved suppliers from private sector. Hence quality control occupies utmost important activity. Hence several initiative has been taken to keep strigent quality control.

The Technical Department of MPLUN was established in 1983-89 to help all SSI units of the State to improve the quality of their products and also to ensure the supply of quality of the Government Department in MP. To keep MPLUN technically strong, dedicated teams of professional form the core of the technical group with functional background.

The division looks into feasibility study of tendering units, and finally inspections of materials to ensure the quality of products to be supplied or as per tender's specification. Production support services are also looked into with various testing laboratories located across Madhya Pradesh.

Tool Room & Testing Laboratories It has always been the endeavor of the Nigam to lay great emphasis on the quality of the product od SSI sector. To encourage the quality culture amongst the SSI units, MPLUN is providing Tool Room & Testing facility. Presently there are Testing Labs situated at bhilai, Jabalpur and Indore. These Labs are also acting as a certification agency for the Government and Semi-Government Departments. The SSI units are not capable of installing such facilities on their own due to lack of resources, hence, this activity is vital for them for upgrading the quality of their products. The Labs are approved by BIS, AGMARK and FDA for testing various products such as structural materials, food, minerals and drug etc.

Details of the activities perform by the Technical Department

1. Marketing Support Services

Maketing Support Services Objective: Quality assurance of the items being supplied to various Govt. Departments through Marketing activity of MPLUN and providing assistance in supply of material at reasonable rate all over the State.

Main Activities

     i. Preparation of specification of the product.
       The specification are finalized generally from the available Indian/International standards and the feed-backs available from Purchasing Department, to maintain uniformity of supply all over the States.

     ii. Cost estimation of the Production.
       Wherever possible, the cost estimation of the items desired in tender is carried out as per ideal manufacturing condition. This puts a check on the abnormality high/low quotes received in the tender and assists in finalization of reasonable rates. In other items, prevailing market/DGS&D Rates are made available for advance technology products such as ; Photocopier, Computer, Projectors etc.

     iii. Technical evaluation of tenders.
       MPLUN has system of two-bid tender and the technical bid of tender is evaluated based on information submitted in the tender as against desired parameters.

     iv.Technical evaluation of the samples received in the tenders.
       The samples are invited in such tenders where specifications are not sufficient enough o describe the product and received samples are technically evaluated for appropriate selection of the product to be supplied.

     v.Feasibility study of Tendering units.
       Objectives of Feasibility Study is to put a check on bogus units and promote industrialization in the State. It also ensures that whether manufacturing unit is capable to manufacture the material as per the specification desired in the tender.

     vi.Inspection of material.
       The objective of inspection of material is to ensure that the quality of products to be supplied is as per tender specification. The material is inspected by outside agencies such as DGS&, SGS, FDA, BIS, IRS etc. or Technical Deptt. Of MPLUN.

2. Production Support Services MPLUN runs Testing Laboratories at Indore & Jabalpur

The Objective of these testing laboratories is to provide testing facilities to such units were not capable to install these costly facilities in their premises. In addition to this, the prospective users are various Govt. Deptts., PSUs, MPLUN and other outside inspection agencies

Main Activities

     i.Testing Laboratory, Indore.

       The testing lab is equipped with metallurgical, Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Textile, Building material, Pharmaceutical and Agmark related testings. This testing lab is recently technologically upgraded by installing atomic absorption spectrometer. This lab is recognized by NABI, BIS, FDA, Agmark, BSNL, RITES & Escise Deptt. This testing lab also provides training of 7 - to - 15 days to employees of industrial units/students on chargeable basis. The website of this testing lab is .

     ii.Testing Laboratory, Jabalpur.

       The testing lab is equiped with Mechanical, Chemical, Electrical, Physical & Civil related testing. This testing lab is recently technologically upgraded by installing Computerized Universal Testing machine. This lab is recognized by NABL, and certified under Quality Management System IOS 9001:2008. The prospective users are industries inthe region, State Govt. DEptts such as , PWD, PHED, MP Housing Board, RES, MPEB and Central Govt. Deptts. such as ; Railway, RITES and P&T etc.